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Toyota 86 Sports Suspension Kit

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Vehicle height adjustable ‘Sports suspension kit’, which correspond various situation in downtown street, circuit course etc. with 40 stage dumping force adjustment mechanism. With adoption of length adjustment mechanism, this product realize lower gravity center keeping effective stroke.
Considering minor change model with better body stiffness, spring rate of this suspension kit is reviewed to be used for model after minor change.
●Spec /
Dumping ForceN Extention /Pressing (0.3m/sec):
F:920/360(16 stage /40stage)/ R:1290/440(16 stage / 40 stage)
Spring rate / N/mm:F:5.8 / R:5.8
Hight adjust range (mm) ※std. vehicle hight base:F:0~-25/ R:0~-35
Recommended hight:F:-10mm / R:-15mm
●Install time / 4.5h
●Applicable model / 86(ZN6) Feb 2012 〜
●Made in Japan
※OE upper mount to be used