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LED tail lamp for Hiace (200 series) Sequential Blinkers

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A new LED tail lamp for Hiace that uses a sequential turn signal that emits LED light so that it flows from the inside to the outside.

When the lights are off, the calm "Blackish Red" single tone.
When lit, the characteristic small light of the double L-shaped tube realizes high visibility with high visual design and excellent functionality

The sequential winker can be changed to a normal lighting pattern by rearranging the wiring at the time of installation. You can choose two types of blinker styles with one product.

Since we have obtained the part type approval "E mark", we firmly meet the safety standards. Why don't you renew your image with TOM'S LED tail lamps that will make your car look fashionable while maintaining safety more than ever

Compatible model: Hiace
      Regius Ace
Vehicle model: TRH20 ~ (model that matches the first 5 characters)
      KDH20 ~ (model that matches the first 5 characters
      ) All grades after the month

Part number: 81500-TTH21 (common to all models)
Quantity: 1 set left and right (replacement of lamp assembly)
      with aero stabilizing fins
Safety standard: Compliant (E mark certified product)