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Toms Racing Super Ram ll Air Filter TMS-17801-TSR27

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The Super Ram II Air Intake filter is designed to trap airborne dust and debris without compromising engine performance. This air filter features a triple layered foam material made up of cell structures to entrap more unwanted debris before it reaches the engine than ever before, while providing the lowest levels of intake resistance.

TOM'S scrutinized over the finest dust particles and the materials to make up the filter to ensure maximum power figures can be achieved and succeeded in removing the pressure loss commonly seen on polyurethane foam to make the most efficient intake filter.

Compatible Vehicles


CROWN_ATHLETE GRS180,182 2003.12~2008.1 2/3/43GR-FSE/3UZ-FE 

CROWN_HYBRID GWS204 2008.5~2012.12 2/3/43GR-FSE/3UZ-FE 

SOARER UZZ40 2001.4~2005.8 2/3/43GR-FSE/3UZ-FE 

CROWN_MAJESTA UZS186 2004.7~2009.2 2/3/43GR-FSE/3UZ-FE 

LEXUS GS GWS191 2006.2~2009.9 2/3/43GR-FSE/3UZ-FE  (GS300/GS450H)

LEXUS SC UZZ40 2005.8~2010.3 2/3/43GR-FSE/3UZ-FE