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toms racing australia

Toms Racing Suspension For Lexus RCF/GSF

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Based on circuit drive specs, this kit pursue comfortable drive feeling and controllability in downtown, winding road, and highway.With 20 stage damping force adjust, both of comfortable drive at transferring and linear control of vehicle attitude at sports driving in circuit are realized.
●Spec / Length adjust, single tube, free piston, damping force 20 stage adjust,damping force N(0.3m/sec), F:2850/1100 R:2050/950 ※at 10 stage
Spring rate(N/mm) F:160/R:160
Vehicle height range(mm)F:+10~-30mm R:+10~-30mm
Recommend hight F:-25mm/R:-25mm
●Install time / 5.5h
●Applicable model / RC F (USC10) all grade, since Oct., 2014
●Made in Japan
※NAVI・AI-AVS function to be NA