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Toms Rear Diffuser For Lexus NX

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※ example picture (Atomic Silver(01J7)painted)

●Spec / ABS
●Install time / 2.0h
●Painting time / 3.0h
●Applicable model / 200t(AGZ1#)/ 300h(AYZ1#)July, 2014-
●Made in Japan
Vehicle Length:
Approx.+22mm Minimum Height:Approx.-33mm
※1:For installation drilling work in OE plastic part is needed
※2:Must be with TOM’S 4tail muffler(for NX200t:No.17400-TAZ10/for NX300h:No.17400-TAZ11)¥165,000(excl.TAX)
※3:Lower bumber need to be removed
※5:NA with Genuine Accessory Mud Guard